Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My new Family Organisation Binders

Hello there,
today I would like to share a project I did the other day.
My bf asked me to design a Binder for our House Ideas and I decided to make a few more ;)
I just want all of our stuff to be where it is supposed to be. And you all know how men are^^ they would never do it ;)

So those 2 are now officaly my Binder/ Homeorganization Pads
So here are the Binder Covers....I cant use German Binders coz they are very different then US once so I only have the Covers and I will do the real Organizing in march ;)

Cartridge: Different once but the Letters are from Gypsy Font


1 comment:

  1. Sehr chic! Besonders interessant finde ich allerdings die Tatsache, dass "Cars" im Plural steht! :-) GLG Regina