Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New years Eve

Hi everybody,
I have only 5h left of the old year. Since I have a bad cold and my boyfriend 3000 miles away I decided to do new years eve really quiet. My Parents are out of town till tomorrow.

My night will be a hot Bathtub ;) (hopefully good for my cold), some corn on the cob (really expensive in Germany) and some catching up with my Au Pair Scrapbook (Im still at November 2009^^). My Bf told me he will wake up at 10pm my time and spend the 2 hours till the new year with me on skype.

Its not a big thing but i think thats great for tonight.

Its not like I dont have friends, in case you might think that now.
One of them is in Egypt, two celebrate new years eve with family about 1-2h away from here and my bestie is doing a quiet night at a friends house. Since my coughing got really bad from working and not resting at all I think its better to stay home.

I hope you have a wonderful New years Eve and I will post some more stuff next year.

PS: Since I was working so hard.....I orderd a bunch of craft things for my self  ;) yeah^^ Love treating my with gift sometimes^^

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