Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New years Eve

Hi everybody,
I have only 5h left of the old year. Since I have a bad cold and my boyfriend 3000 miles away I decided to do new years eve really quiet. My Parents are out of town till tomorrow.

My night will be a hot Bathtub ;) (hopefully good for my cold), some corn on the cob (really expensive in Germany) and some catching up with my Au Pair Scrapbook (Im still at November 2009^^). My Bf told me he will wake up at 10pm my time and spend the 2 hours till the new year with me on skype.

Its not a big thing but i think thats great for tonight.

Its not like I dont have friends, in case you might think that now.
One of them is in Egypt, two celebrate new years eve with family about 1-2h away from here and my bestie is doing a quiet night at a friends house. Since my coughing got really bad from working and not resting at all I think its better to stay home.

I hope you have a wonderful New years Eve and I will post some more stuff next year.

PS: Since I was working so hard.....I orderd a bunch of craft things for my self  ;) yeah^^ Love treating my with gift sometimes^^

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crafting ABC - Letter C 05

C as in Chipboard
Welcome back on my blog for the C word Chipboard.
 There are alot of different chipboard projects to craft. But first what is chipboard. Chipboard is a typ of paperboard. It's thinker and more sturdy then cardstock. You can either buy thicker one or use chipboard from all kind of packaging from cereal or other stuff.

Willkommen zurück auf meinem Blog zum C Wort Pappe. Es gibt viele verschiedene Projekte für welche Pappe sehr hilfreich ist. Aber erst ein mal zu der Frage was ist Pappe? Ok ist euch sicher klar . Pappe ist dickere und stabilere als Tonkarton. Man kann es kaufen (meist 2-3mm) oder ihr nutzt Pappe von Verpackungen wie Cornflakes oder ähnlichem.

For todays word Chipboard I decided to make a chipboard box for either paper or pens.So you start with cutting out all the chipboard pieces.

Für unser heutiges Wort habe ich mich entschieden eine Box auf Graupappe zu gestalten. Diese kann man entweder für Stifte oder Papier verwenden. Man beginnt mit dem zurechtschneiden der Pappstücke.


After you cut out all the pieces you need to wrap them in paper so that your box doesnt look grey. I only had alot of white paper. But i stamp some golden flowers on there and made my own pattern paper with it.

Nachdem ihr alle Stücken zurecht geschnitten habt, beklebt ihr sie mit Papier, da mit die Box am ende nicht Grau ist. Ich hatte nur viel Weißes Papier da und habe dies dann mit Golden Blumen bestempelt und somit mein eingenes Hintergrundpapier gestaltet.

Now you need wood glue or book binding glue. Put the glue on the edges and let them dry.

Jetzt benötigt ihr Holzleim oder Buchbindeleim. Leim an die Kanten anbringen und zusammendrücken und trocknen lassen.

Glue all pieces together and let them dry over night and this is the box came up with.

Klebt alle Teile zusammen und lasst sie über Nacht trocknen. Hier nun die fertige Box.

Stay tuned for more Crafting words with C.

Hüpft wieder auf meinen Blog für mehr C Wörter

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sorry Christmas is so busy....

Im sorry Guys  I know I didnt quiet post as much but College and Christmas is just really busy.....Bearly have time to Craft. 
I only made a few little things. Christmas Cards and some gifts. I got the Idea for the hot chocolate treasurs from MPS.
I will return to you soon. Promis....