Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wichtel Giveaway for Regina

Hi my dear friends,
Regina signed up (on accident^^) for my big yearly Handmade giveaway....So i was really creative this weekend.
I saw a nice recipe for homemade Jelly on friday at work (looking at a cooking magazin coz we didnt had much to do at work) and i really wanted to try it myself.
So i did. On saturday i made my very first own jelly with Applejuice, Strawberries and lemon balm.
I made 3 glasses full^^ so i decided to give one to Regina.

I also made a Recipe Book with it and a cute card using Sunshine Artz "Einfach so" Stampset.
Fore the recipe book i made tabs with my corner Rounder and gave the book some catigories.
I really like how it turned out. Since i made Strawberry Jelly i but i pic of a really nice looking strawberry on the cover.
Yummy isnt it?

For the card i used the same paper and Ribbin as i did for the book. The Stamps that i used is the "Grüße" as a backgroundborder and for the Text on the card i used "Einfach nur so".

And here you see a pic of the jelly glass^^
On top of it i cut out a cirlce with the Strawberry paper and Stamp "ein kleiner Gruß" on it.


Punch: corner Rounder
Stamp: Sunshine Artz Einfach so


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