Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunshine Artz Stamp Haul

Hello my dear friends,
today i got my from Stempel Phantasien. The Real cool part about that page is that you can make your OWN Clear Stamps there. My Mom is always complaining that i only do English cards and No German onces. The Reason for that is 1. I just love english and 2. i do not really own good german journal stamps. So i found Sunshine Artz Blog and she designes German phrases. She also lets you download them for free. So all you need to do is find a page like Stempel Phantasien and order them. AND I DID IT. I downloaded all 5 Sets she has out right now.
I orderd a XMAS Set, Thanks, Just Because, and 2 Birthday sets with German Phrases.
She is also giving you some cute Labels for all Stamp sets so all you need to do is print them out.
I started cutting them into the size i need coz i only got them in ONE piece (6x4). I already love them and Can not wait to work with them.
The next time i will order there i will probably get a stamo saying Handmade by Scrapente and my Blogadress on it. But i'm not sure....The Prices for making your own stamps are really ok. For 6x4 you pay 13.90€ which is about 20$. OK the Dollar price is alot but you do not really get stamps in germany under 15€ (at least not that many^^) So i think it was ok. Making your own stamp 1,5x1,5 will be only 2.50€ so 3,60$.

I also have some pics for you how I'm storing some of the Cards I made. I bought that red Table chart at Target for 1$ and put it on top of my 5x5 Cube Expedit shelf from Ikea. I can fit 6-10 cards on each side and that way they dont end up in a box and will never be seen again.


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