Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crafting ABC - General Informations

Hello my dear followers,
I'm sooooooooooo super excited to start this new segment at my blog.
I will post per Month one Letter ( and I'm already sorry i might need to make my first break in September because I will not be at home for a whole month and the Letter of the month has a lot of Projects). In case I have letters with only one or two Projects i might combine them with the next letter. But I'm not 100% sure about that yet. I will also put up a Linky for some Projects, so we can all learn from each other. Not every word will have a big Project following, but i will try my best to do as much as i can with the words. I will do some videos for sure and maybe even giveaways. I mean my next USA trip is in less then 2 months^^.

Come back tomorrow to see the first actual Crafting ABC post.

So i see you back soon. Stay tuned.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Birthday Invitations

Hello my dear friends,
yesterday I was in the mood of making some cards. So i made the Birthday Invitaions for my 22. Birthday this year. It was alot of fun to do so many cards at once...(well only 12) I choose the Microphone Coz we will be going in a Karaoke Bar ;) yeah.....Its really plain and simple but I think it turned out real good.

Cartridge: Hanna Montana
Ribbon: Purple
Punch:corner Rounder
Stamp: Einladung; German Invitaion Stamp
Inkpad: Yasutomo Gold


Friday, June 24, 2011

For you card

Hi Ladies,
today i made a card for Emmas Throwback Thursday Challenge.
It was a cricut Less Sketch Challenge. So i will show you the sketch and then what i came up with.

So here is my card.

The For you Stamp is from Stampin Up and i embossed some flowers...I do not like how i lined up the 4 on the left but oh well....

I also added a rhinestone in the center....Tell me what wou think....

Punch: EK Border Punch
Stamp: Stampin UP "Gestanzte Grüße", Flower stamps


Thursday, June 23, 2011

you are Awesome Card

Hello Ladies,
Its time for another Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge.
  • Create a card based on the layout provided
  • Project must include basic elements from the sketch, but feel free to get creative and flip them.

So here is the Card i came up with.
I used my very first Magnolia Stamp but as you can see i still need to work on my coloring. LOL

Ribbon: Purple
Punch:Corner Rounder
Stamp: Magnolia Stamps - Tilda holding Balloon, Sunshine Artz- Einfach So

Dont forget the Summer blog Hop on July 2nd.
Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Portfolio Cover for my School Work

Hello Ladies,
today I am going to post the Portfilio Cover i made for my School Portfolio.
I actulyy had the idea about it on my way home on tuesday and finished it up yesterday.
Tell me what you thinkI really like how it turned out. In the beginning i did not had the stamped frame and it look really empty and boring.

Cartridge: Once upon a Princes, Old West, Tie the Knot
Ribbon: bast
Punch:Martha Stewart quilted punch
Inkpad: Cherry and Christmas Tree green


Friday, June 17, 2011

Working on my NEW BLOG SEGMENT

Hello Ladies, sorry I'm not posting any projects. I'm working really hard on my NEW Blog SEGMENT. It will start on July 1st. I so can not wait. It will take me probably till MARCH2 2013 to get it completly done. So Check for more Details. Can you guess what it might be?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Blog Hop

Happy Sunday my dear follower,
I'm actully doing my first BLOG HOP. The Theme will be SUMMER/ VACATION.
It will be on July 2nd probably starting on my blog.
Regina already said that she would join me and i have 2 other Ladies who would like to join as well.

If you would like to join us just write me an Email and I'm happy to give you a spot on our Summer Blog Hop.

Hope to see you all on July 2nd.

Love and hugs

Friday, June 10, 2011

Throwback Thursday Challenge

Hello ladies,
i hope you are having a good day so far.
Today its time for another Throwback Thursday Challenge with Emma.
So i made a card for my parents. They are invited to a Birthday party next weekend.

So here it is. Sorry that its a german stamp again but my parents and their friends mostly speak german. I really love how it turned out and my bling from Emma's Challenge are the eyes of my Owl.

I will also enter another challenge with this card. For the "Stamp something" Challenges you needed to use a punch . So i did^^.

Cartridge: Just Because Cards
Ribbon: light green bast
Punch: EK Success Border Punch
Stamp: Sunshine Artz Geburtstag 01
Inkpad: christmastree green
Cuttlebug Folder: D'vine Swirl

Thursday, June 9, 2011

MPS Color Challenge

Hi ladies,
its me again.
I just saw that MPS is doing a color Challange.

Orange, Turquoise, and Green (any other colors can be added).

So this is what i came uo with.

I got the idea for the shape of my card from MOMO. Basicly i used my Gypsy and welded 2 Shaped tags from Once upon a Princess together.
I know i also think it still looks kind of plain.....If you have any ideas how i can make it look better, just comment and let me know. The tag is also from Once upon a princess and the stamp from Sunshine Artz. The Little butterfly is from the Stamps of life Butterfly2build set.


Cartridge: Once upon a Princess
Ribbon: light green
Stamp:Sunshine Artz "Einfach So", Stamps of Life Butterfly2build

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wichtel Giveaway for Regina

Hi my dear friends,
Regina signed up (on accident^^) for my big yearly Handmade giveaway....So i was really creative this weekend.
I saw a nice recipe for homemade Jelly on friday at work (looking at a cooking magazin coz we didnt had much to do at work) and i really wanted to try it myself.
So i did. On saturday i made my very first own jelly with Applejuice, Strawberries and lemon balm.
I made 3 glasses full^^ so i decided to give one to Regina.

I also made a Recipe Book with it and a cute card using Sunshine Artz "Einfach so" Stampset.
Fore the recipe book i made tabs with my corner Rounder and gave the book some catigories.
I really like how it turned out. Since i made Strawberry Jelly i but i pic of a really nice looking strawberry on the cover.
Yummy isnt it?

For the card i used the same paper and Ribbin as i did for the book. The Stamps that i used is the "Grüße" as a backgroundborder and for the Text on the card i used "Einfach nur so".

And here you see a pic of the jelly glass^^
On top of it i cut out a cirlce with the Strawberry paper and Stamp "ein kleiner Gruß" on it.


Punch: corner Rounder
Stamp: Sunshine Artz Einfach so


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunshine Artz Stamp Haul

Hello my dear friends,
today i got my from Stempel Phantasien. The Real cool part about that page is that you can make your OWN Clear Stamps there. My Mom is always complaining that i only do English cards and No German onces. The Reason for that is 1. I just love english and 2. i do not really own good german journal stamps. So i found Sunshine Artz Blog and she designes German phrases. She also lets you download them for free. So all you need to do is find a page like Stempel Phantasien and order them. AND I DID IT. I downloaded all 5 Sets she has out right now.
I orderd a XMAS Set, Thanks, Just Because, and 2 Birthday sets with German Phrases.
She is also giving you some cute Labels for all Stamp sets so all you need to do is print them out.
I started cutting them into the size i need coz i only got them in ONE piece (6x4). I already love them and Can not wait to work with them.
The next time i will order there i will probably get a stamo saying Handmade by Scrapente and my Blogadress on it. But i'm not sure....The Prices for making your own stamps are really ok. For 6x4 you pay 13.90€ which is about 20$. OK the Dollar price is alot but you do not really get stamps in germany under 15€ (at least not that many^^) So i think it was ok. Making your own stamp 1,5x1,5 will be only 2.50€ so 3,60$.

I also have some pics for you how I'm storing some of the Cards I made. I bought that red Table chart at Target for 1$ and put it on top of my 5x5 Cube Expedit shelf from Ikea. I can fit 6-10 cards on each side and that way they dont end up in a box and will never be seen again.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Wichtel Aktion

My dear follower / Hallo ihre lieben,

today I have a post for you, that will be a little but diffrent from the other ones.
I will participate on a swap/gift event. I signed up for it over Reginas blog. And i think I'm number 3 yeah^^ So how does it work? Well i will open a list with 5 open spots. Who ever comments first on this post will be in the list until i have no spots left^^ All 5 will get something homemade within the year 2011. And you have to you the same. Post about that event and open up a list, so that the first 5 who comment on that post will be in your homemade gift round.

Mein heutiger Post ist ein wenig anders als die vorherigen. Ich werde an einer Wichtelaktion teilnehmen. Ich bin (hoff ich mal) bei Regina auf Platz 3 gekommen....juhu^^
Wie funktioniert das nun? Ich eröffne eine Liste mit 5 Plätzen. Wer als erstes unter diesem Post einen Kommentar hinterlässt bekommt einen platz in der liste bis alle 5 Plätze vergeben sind. Alle 5 aus der Liste bekommen noch in diesem Jahr (2011) eine selbstgepastelte kleinigkeit zugeschickt. Und diese 5 erstellen ebenfalls einen Post über die Wichtelaktion und eröffnen eine eigene Liste auf ihrem Blog und somit sind dann auch hier die ersten 5 Kommentare wieder in der Wichtelaktion enthalten.

My list / Meine Liste:
1. Regina