Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scrapbook Layout and Organizing your Stamps

Hello my dear Follower,
i made a Scrapbook Layout of my Bostentrip in 2009 for you.
Tell me how you like it...
I also started to reorganize my Stamps.....
So here you can see my Box of Clearstamps (bigger sets)I keep most of them in those bags and i make groups....either with the Brand like My Pink Stamper......or with the Theme like christmas....This is a closeable CD stand that i got for free. In here are all my clear stamps for 1$ and i sorted them thru Themes. On the left site are my Stampin Up stamps. I store them all in those CD cases, coz i think it doesnt take away that much space. My boyfriends mom showed me a box full of wooden Stamps she got for me. So i cant wait will September^^ I also got i alot of new Stamps here i just need to organize them.