Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hi Everyone,
first of all I really wanna thank you for joing my giveaway.
I had 5 Comments for my giveaway. So i put the number in.....
And the WINNER is.....

Bianca said...

What a lovely page! Thank you for playing with us at Cards und More. Oh, and of course I also want, want, want your candy ;-), xx Bianca

Congrats Bianca
Please get in contact with me so that i can send you your Blogcandy.
You have one week. If you dont get in contact with me, i have to choose another winner....

I also have a question for all of you.
I wanted to do my blog in german and english.....but i thought i have more english speaking people who follow me.
What would you prefer? English? German? Both? or it doesnt matter for you?
Please leve a Comment and let me know what you want!!!


1 comment:

  1. French, of course! In combination with a bit of Norwegian! *ggg* It doesn't matter to me, I like reading your blog and watching your pics and videos anyway.

    Bis morgen & Liebe Grüße!