Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goodbye Card for my BFF

Hey Followers,
so today i actully did some Craft work. Im still not in my new room. But my Besty is moving to Switzerland next week and i had to make her a special Card.
I promis i will craft more, once im in my new room with my own Craftdesk....but at the moment my room and my desk is tooooooo small and just a mess^^.Its a big card. I thought my BFF can put it in her new room if she wants to. And it has a Butterfly on it coz she loves them. She has everything with it! A Ring, earrings, a chain......hairstuff.....
So i used the Butterfly from the Hanna Montana Cartridge and i stamped "Something Special for my BFF" from the Family and Friends Stamps set from MPS.