Sunday, May 30, 2010

MPS Father Day Challenge

Hey there.....i got my gypsy on thursday and here comes my first project.
My Pink Stamper did another nice challenge.
So for this card i used the Route Sign (Disney Cars) at 4,5inch height in a dark brown. I copied it, fliped on of them and welded them together.

For the layers i used the 2 layer from the sign but i also hided the Route at my first layer.
Instead of the route i used Platin Schoolbook and wrote DAD(0,75inch). The little treasur box i got from Paperdolls Dress up ( 4,5inch without real size button) I used the hide feature to make 3 diffrent layers.

See u soon


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shopping against loneliness

My parents just left today and i felt so lonely that i went shopping to micheals^^.
So i found a orange sleeve for my gypsy that was just 10$ yeahhhhh.
And I also bought 7 embossing folders for my new cuttlebug. (it is actully already in germany but anyway)

So i keep my fingers crossed for my gypsy. I wanna have it^^

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thanks Alot Card (German)

So my Gypsy is still not here so i had to do my next card without it.
My mom and my Dad came to visit me for 3 weeks....My mom was doing an internship at the german preschool here and so she wants to have a thank You card.
So here it is.I took red cardstock from matha Stewart 12x6,5 inch and scored it at 6x 6,5 inch.
The first layer is a thin orange copy paper at 5,75x6,25inch.
The second layer is a light yellow paper 5 x 6.25inch. For one of the long sides i used the water punch. I cut Vielen Dank (which is german for Thanks Alot) at 1 1/4 inch with the mickey mouse font cartridge in red. And glued a ribbon on the yellow paper.
I stiched the red card with a white pen and the red letters with black.

I thought it still looks pretty plain so i drew some flowers.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I did it....i just ordered 2 more cartridges AND keep ur breath A GYPSY.......
i still cant believe it. i really did it^^ ahhhhh i cant wait to get it. First my Cricut expression, then a cuttlebug (even thou it is still not here^^) and tonight a gypsy......ahhhhhhh i hope i dont need to pay so much toll when i go back in July.....i might leave all my clothes here.....^^


Monday, May 3, 2010

NSD 2010 MPS Challenge #9

Shape Project.

Cake Card
This will be my moms BDAY Card. Her birthday will be soon and i already orderd and ICE Cake for her.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

NSD 2010 MPS Challenge # 8

Love my Color Challenge
I decided to make a book marker for my oldest one.
She loves to read and normally uses tissues as bookmarkers....^^
Pretty lame.
So maybe she likes this.
Her favourite Color is blue so here we go.

I used a light blue scrap 3x 4 inch.


NSD 2010 MPS Challenge #7

Hey Father,
So this is a card for my DAD.

I have not seen my family for over 9 months now.
And i get along with all of them very well.
So i made a card for my adorabe dad.
He is so awsome and i cant wait to see them in 3 days.



NSD 2010 MPS Challenge #6

Crafting with or for kids.....Its already like 11pm over here.....Im done with work and just finish my Challenge. My Kids are already in bed so i made a card for my little one. His Birthday is coming up soon.

I was asking the nephew of my boyfriend with theme he would like most. Pirate, Caveman or Superboy. He said Pirate^^.

I cut the ship in 5inch once in black and in white to attach the sail later. The Pirate is in 4 inch. The Water is nice and shiny paper from target. I was cutting it with stand and salute (twice) to make it really look like an ocean.


NSD 2010 MPS Challenge #5

Teacher Appreciation Challenge.
I made a card for my year here is really hard work but my hostparents can be pretty this card is for them.
I took a pattern paper (12x12 inch) in my cricut. I used 2 arrows from the Accent Essential cartridge and press the fit to page button.
I trimmed one of the arrows and put them together with a little brad.
I attached a 4x3inch yellow paper...i rounded the corners and wrote a little jounraling on it.
I used some journal stickers and sticked them on some red scraps. At the end i stamped some dark green footprints alonge the way.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

NSD 2010 MPS Challenge #4

Use the cartridge you use least.....
Stand and Salute
They have some really cool images that you can use. I just never really had a reason to use it.
But my Boyfriend is in the army so i made a frame for a picutre that i will get from him.
I cut out the MY hero Dog tag from silver metal card stock in 3inch and a grey Soldier 5 1/2inch.
I was making a notecard before so i had those crossed riffles as kind of left overs^^.
Its really easy to make. So just try it if u want.


NSD 2010 MPS Challenge #3

Hm Thinking outside the box
hm i never did a glitter box.....So for this challenge i tried a card with a little glitter box.
I took a green cardstock 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch. I folded it in half to make a A2 card. For the first layer i took light blue cardstock 4x5 inch. O punched a water punch border. Over it i glued a 3 1/2 x 5inch stripe scrap. Taped organza Ribbon with cheater way.

yellow scrap 2 3/4x2 3/4. Cutting circles with the accent essential. Using clear pastic to cover the circle. Popdots on the other side like a frame. Try to leave no wholes. Put in a bit of glitter.....not too much and cover die other side with light blue cardstock.....i used tape to make sure nothing can com out. On the plastic a glued the rest of the circle shapes.


NSD 2010 MPS Challenge #1

Hey so this is my project for My Pink Stampers NSD Challenge #1.

Ok So i used Simple yellow paper 11x8 1/2 inch. I scored it in half with my bone folder.
My light blue layer is copy paper (8x5 inch). I cuted the 2 doves with the Cartridge Tie the knot.

I have really just no name sorry if a cant give u good names. But it will change once i move here....(which might be in 3 years^^)
I used the cheater way from MPS to tape the organza ribbon.

My cute little motherday Card:Your Scrapente

Hey ,

also hier kommt mein erstes Projekt für die My Pink Stamper Nationaler Scrapbook Tag Challenge #1.

Ich hab ein Stück hell gelber Bastelkarton 11x8,5 inch. Mithilfe eines Bone Folders wird es in der mitte gefaltet. Der 1. Layer ist ein hell blaues Stück Kopierpapier (8x5inch). Die 2 Tauben sind aus dem Cartridge Tie the Knot.

Ich habe nicht wirklich die marken des Papier aber ich werde versuchen sie dämnächst aufzubewaren. Und falls ich in 3 Jahren in die USA ziehe wird auch alles im größeren und besseren Rahmen stattfinden.
Das Schleifenband ist auf Organza und wurde mit der Cheater Methode von MPS am Papier befestigt.

eure Scrapente